Monday, July 20, 2009

I just realized iPhone and iPorn would sound the same in Korean

And that would be 아이폰. Except that some Koreans would make it all Konglishy and call it 아이포르노. [Note to Monster Island readers who come here for English enhancement: porn, which is short for pornography, refers to materials as a group which containing explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activity, where as porno usually refers to a single movie that is pornographic.]

At any rate, Time has noted that the pure raw power and speed of the new iPhone 3Gs — the S for speed — means that it will be easier and more convenient to download and view pornography. And with video function, to make pornography.
Apple says that more than 250,000 programming kits have been downloaded, enabling programmers to create their own iPhone applications, like games or chat services. Just as users have unlocked iPhones for use around the world, some may eventually figure out how to surreptitiously create and distribute iPhone porn applications. (See 25 must-have travel gadgets.)

Sensing the start of a profitable new era for pocket porn, the adult entertainment industry is investing heavily and feverishly broadening its marketplace of iPhone porn. The industry sees the iPhone 2.0 as having multiple advantages over the first model. For one thing, Apple's new gadget is nearly twice as fast as its predecessor at loading Web pages, and even faster at running video, which is crucial for the porn industry. About a third of iPhone users watch video on their phone, according to Nielsen Mobile, which is nearly 10 times the number that watch video on other cell phones. Three out of four iPhone users are men with above-average incomes, and iPhone users spend heavily on entertainment. More than a third of iPhone users shell out more than $100 on phone and data charges every month, as compared with just one-fifth of other cell-phone users.

Furthermore, the new model will be available in at least 75 countries, enabling content providers to reach new mobile porn viewers all around the world.
I'm not quite sure why portable porn (pornable™) would be in such high demand, but then again, I never predicted the booming popularity of MILFs or midgets. 

I suppose this is as good a time as any to remind people to be very careful about any naughty videos or pictures you might take in private, including on your video-equipped iPhone 3Gs — the S for sexy

[left: Coming soon to the iTouch... er... iPod Touch.]


  1. Haha that's probably what it would be used for. I bet u they ll do room salon ads on them as well.

  2. It reminds me of people who didn't wan't Internet access on airplanes because they were afraid they'd get stuck next to someone watching porn. o_O

  3. they sell porno magazines at the airport anyway, yo. someone MUST be buying them...

  4. ur quite ingenuous

    maybe that's why u dont see many iPhones around in Korea

  5. JS, I had not heard that as a reason for not having Internet access on planes, but I guess it does make sense.

    If one gets into the "Mile High Club" by oneself, is it only the "Half Mile High Club"?

  6. Shinbone wrote:
    they sell porno magazines at the airport anyway,

    They do? Where?

    yo. someone MUST be buying them...

    Must be Blackberry users.

  7. I think I've been inspired by all these comments to start a website where people upload the porn they've made on their iPhone.

  8. in airports all over canada- vancouver, calgary, winnipeg, toronto. i've definitely seen the porno magazines that come sealed in bags stuck in there at the top of the shelf.

    it's enough of a phenomenon david cross used to have a routine about it. 'hope nobody's sitting next to me on the airplane because they're in for a rude awakening...'


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