Sunday, August 28, 2005

The deadly French

This was bound to happen. Warning labels on French fries. On golden fries in the Golden State, at least.

Some will complain that we are just contributing to a nanny society when instead people should just be allowed to make their own decisions. But aren't warning labels helping people to make those decisions?

If I were a kid and I saw a label on my French fries, I might have steered clear of this greasy fast-food ambrosia before I ever got hooked. It may be too late for some of us, but at least we can save the next generation.


  1. I just had gravy-cheese fries (aka disco fries in Jersey diners) in a 24 hour American style food place in downtown Taipei. It was so worth it.

  2. I do enjoy cheese fries every now and then, but it is definitely a rare indulgence.

    Does this food place have a name? Is it part of a chain?


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