Monday, June 26, 2006

15 centimeters of fame

This picture is making all the rounds in the K-blogosphere, so I may as well put it up, too. I would like to point out a few things about, if ya'll will bear with me.

1. It should be noted that of the 70,000 people who showed up at City Hall Plaza in downtown Seoul to watch the game, 69,999 of them did not protest bad calls by dropping their pants. Putting this up on AP is like when local news cameras try to find the dumbest, most illiterate, and most poorly informed individual of a certain race to interview when some news story breaks out in the local neighborhood.

2. The "I was protesting" line may be a cover story for the wife. I think what’s really going on is that this guy was getting a full-body “sports massage” from one of the Red Devils and then the sun suddenly came up.

3. Think how much more disturbing this picture would be if this guy had lived the last three decades of his life with easy access to Big Macs, pizza, and Big Gulps.

4. If he isn't arrested for indecent exposure, this man at least deserves a ticket for going the wrong way.

5. Did anyone besides me notice the street sweepers, in the upper left corner, beating up those pink-clad fans lying on the ground? Where’s the outrage about that? Is this guy meant to distract everyone from this obvious human rights abuse?


  1. Point #3 is the funniest. Even though I've been back in the States for a year now, I was still noticing the ample figures of so many of my fellow shoppers. Even at the local vegan-friendly health food cafe/shop, I encounter a few overweight diners paying $7.99 a pound for organic hummus, and I wonder if they realize organic produce offers no protection against heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses linked to obesity.

  2. I left out half of one sentence:

    I was still noticing the ample figures of so many of my fellow shoppers as I was prowling the aisles of the local Meijer's.


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