Thursday, July 7, 2005

Governor Bill Richardson invited to North Korea

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former President Bill Clinton's UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy, has been invited by Pyongyang for a visit. There are no confirmed plans on a visit, but a spokesman for the governor said Richardson would coordinate with the Bush Administration should the visit take place.

Governor Richardson has been a liaison between Pyongyang and Washington before, including in 2003 when he held three days of talks with North Korean envoys in Santa Fe (the New Mexico capital, not the Hyundai SUV).

North Korea is almost certainly trying to milk as much from Washington as possible, whether its security assurances, diplomatic relations, or economic incentives, but that doesn't mean that Washington shouldn't meet with Pyongyang to see what it can get from them (holding a meeting doesn't require signing making an undesirable agreement). I've always felt that a pragmatic, non-ideological approach to North Korea is what is needed, and Governor Richardson representing the Bush Administration might foot the bill.


  1. Have changed 충무로 to Chungmuro as ordered sir! However cannot agree on Chuk v Juk... sorry...

  2. Have changed 충무로 to Chungmuro as ordered sir! However cannot agree on Chuk v Juk... sorry...

    Well, to each their own. If you think the two ㅂ in 바보 sound the same, the two ㄱ in 고구마 or 거기 sound the same, or that 자기 sounds like "joggy" instead of "choggy" (for chagi) then keep using the NAKL system.

    But I don't think they do, and I have looked into this very carefully. :)

    And to me this is the problem... if you DO think that those sounds are like that, it's possible that the NAKL system has given you a warped sense of proper pronunciation. ;)

    Okay, Romanization Police rant mode off.

  3. Nah, rant away. I don't use any romanisation system. I prefer Hangeul. However, for me romanisation should be simple, so I like the new system. Although, for some things I can't use it. Like my wife's surname, Kang. Can't change that to Gang!
    However like you said, each to their own, would prefer to write only in hangeul, but for the sake of non Korean readers I have written it in romanisation. If you were writing about the Seoul subway however, there is no Ch'ungmuro, only a Chungmuro I would think. The same for Jongno... no Chongno or Chongro...
    I have done my time in the academic world of correct romanisation... it sucked!


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