Thursday, July 21, 2005

South Korea at the South Pole, Part II

The South Korean government has announced plans to build a second research base, to the tune of 70 billion won over the next six years. The 1500-pyŏng (5000-square-meter) facility will be Seoul's second base, after the King Sejong Base on King George Island, established in 1988. At present there are forty-four such bases in the Antarctic region, a kind of geopolitical no-man's land.

Critics of the Roh government are already expressing their dismay. After all, considering all the billions of wons that the ROK has pumped into Antarctica, how has the southern continent recriprocated? It's done nothing in return. The penguins are still getting fat by killing off the krill and the squid. It's time to put an end to this one-way gravy train.


  1. hehe I guess you do have a sense of humor afterall.. ;)

  2. I let my sense of humor show in my writing sometimes, but the issues lately have been so damned serious!

    Also, some people mistake my sarcasm for my actual thoughts on an issue.

  3. Yeah, I like this side of you too...


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