Friday, November 25, 2005

MBC program scrutinizes Dr. Hwang

Marmot has an update to this story on Dr. Hwang Woosuk and the controversy surrounding how he got egg donors, which provides more detail than I have time to today.

For now, all I will say is that while I can understand why advertisers might feel uncomfortable sponsoring an investigative program on MBC that might seem determined to sully a national hero, the very fact that MBC went ahead and did this undermines the echo chamber's notion that the Korean media is almost universally, hopelessly pro-Korean to the point of having blinders on. Had Marmot not brought this story to the English-speaking blogosphere's attention, the same would have been assumed to be true about the Korean media's treatment of Dr. Hwang as well.

As I have said in my earlier post, whether or not he is guilty of violating guidelines, regulations, or laws, I hope the lesson is learned that Korea's limelight has become a harsh spotlight, and that means that playing by the rules is essential for any individual or group that wants to move ahead and stay there.

AFP is carrying a story about Dr. Hwang's ethics problems entitled, "South Korean cloning edge will survive ethics scandal."

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  1. I think you are correct about it not being legal at the time.

    I think his lack of 'fessing up may be just as much an unwillingness to give anti-cloning critics ammunition as anything else. I think it's very telling that his critics are pointing to technicalities instead of seriously calling into question whether he had accomplished this or not.


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