Friday, November 11, 2005

Tragedy avoided in Yangjae

I first saw video of the "yumocha incident" earlier today at when I was checking my email, but it didn't surprise me when the international news services started carrying it. The Los Angeles Times has an AP link with an English description.

Lee Chanhee (not sure how she Romanizes her name, 이찬희), a thirty-year-old mother, was pushing her baby stroller (with baby inside) onto a subway train at Yangjae Station, on Seoul's Orange Line (line #3), at around 11 a.m. The subway doors closed before she could get through them. Much to her horror, she was entirely outside the train, but the stroller (along with her coat, apparently) was caught in the door. As the train began to leave the station, it dragged the stroller along the platform.

The mother frantically tried to get the stroller loose, and a subway bystander also grabbed at it to help her. The baby, it appears from the surveillance video, was pulled loose from the stroller, but the mother somehow was still attached to the stroller which was being pulled along. Other bystanders were reportedly yelling at the train engineer to stop. Hearing all the commotion, he looked out the side and saw what was happening, and then stopped the train before the woman reached the end of the platform, where she would have been crushed.

The baby had fallen out of the stroller and onto the platform floor unharmed and was quickly scooped up by a third woman. The mother, who says she thought she was going to die, is physically okay though emotionally shaken.

The MBC News link includes this picture of the mangled stroller:

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  1. I saw a video of it on the KBS news last night. It was shocking.


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