Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pulling a Berlusconi

The clip linked below is a fake. Apparently it is part of a trailer for a German comedy lampooning Berlusconi. The defense for this oversight? Who knew the Germans made comedies?!

I have no idea how old this clip is, but its obnoxiousness transcends time and space.

It occurred to me that if an American politician were caught on camera "funning around" in this way, he (or she?) would be pressured to resign. Think back to the case of
Bob Packwood in the 1990s [fun fact: Packwood was the third Darren on "Betwitched"].

Of course, I can't see George W. Bush doing this at all, and Clinton not doing it on camera.

It also reminds me of the case of former Hannara Party assemblyman Choi Yeon-hee [choe yŏnhŭi], the conservative lawmaker who, at a recent dinner for the press, sallied up to a female reporter for one of the main daily newspapers, went up to her from behind and grabbed her breasts. Not sure if he did the Silvio Berlusconi move, though.

Women's groups were naturally furious that this kind of thing would happen by someone who supposedly represents their interests, and the pressure was enough for him to resign from his party, but he is refusing resign his seat.

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