Saturday, January 26, 2013

Washington Post on Park GH's rise to power.

In the run-up to Park Geunhye moving into the Blue House on February 25, we can expect a lot more stories like this one from Chico Harlan of the Washington Post. 

He talks about how President-elect Park went from first daughter to first woman president in four decades.

Here I  excerpted the introduction:

SEOUL — The first major tragedy in Park Geun-hye's life was a shooting that took place at the National Theater in downtown Seoul nearly 40 years ago. She didn't even witness it. She was studying in Grenoble, France, at the foot of the Alps, when she got a worried call from the South Korean Embassy. The official didn't give any specifics.

"The person only said that something had happened to my mother," Park wrote in her 2007 memoir, "and that I needed to return home."

The details that Park would soon learn redirected her life suddenly and irreversibly, ending her hopes of becoming a professor, flinging her for the first time into the public spotlight, and setting her on a course that would lead to the nation's top office, the presidency, a job into which she'll be sworn next month.

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