Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dennis Rodman asks KJU to free Kenneth Bae

Dennis Rodman hugs Kim Jong-un, while trying to avoid his solid.

Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong-un's new BFF, is appealing to the North Korean leader to free Korean-American Kenneth Bae from prison.

I'm guessing Mr. Rodman doesn't realize how this works: High-profile types are supposed to visit North Korea while they're trying to free the latest American resident of the Pyongyang Palazzo, not before.

The Korean of Ask A Korean is in a Washington Post blog post offering up the best colloquial translation for "do me a solid" to discern how Kim Jong-un might read this tweet: 내 얼굴을 봐서 케네스 배를 석방해달라.

Given that The Young General attended the English-language Gümligen "International School" in Switzerland for a number of years and has a love of basketball culture and a passing interesting in hip-hop, I'm guessing he doesn't need a translation of "do me a solid."


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