Sunday, November 10, 2013

Boost your bike (and prevent it from getting boosted)

Those in Korea may find it hard to believe, but Honolulu is probably an even worse city than Seoul for bike commuters. Both cities lack safe bike lanes along major thoroughfares, but at least Seoul has those long bike routes along the rivers (although Honolulu has loads of buses that can accommodate bikes in the front, though that's not exactly bike commuting).

One problem both cities have in terms of getting people out of their cars and onto two-wheeler is the myriad of hills that make bike-riding a chore in at least one direction. This nifty little device, though, could help mitigate that. Sure, it's a cheat, but for those who ride because they want a little exercise and freedom and not a full-blown sweaty workout, this could be just the ticket.


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  1. I like the idea of the smart wheel but I also like the way the guy carries his bike up stairs. If I tried that I would have grease all along my sleeve. I simply want a clean bike like his, the motor would be a wonderful bonus.


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