Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harold & Kumar skewer America

I must concur with Metropolitician that the second installment in the Harold & Kumar saga is indeed worth watching. Even if you're not a stoner or hopelessly flatulent, the movie is pretty funny. Sure, there's a lot of potty humor, but it goes way beyond that. It is an indictment of much of what our nation is and has become—a country scared of anyone different (especially if they're not White) that wraps itself up in the flag for protection. 

Unlike Metro, I didn't have to watch it on bootleg (and he is forgiven, since the movie is not out so the bootleggedness of his viewing experience didn't really cost the creators and owners of the film any money), since I was able to see it with my Blockbuster membership. Not sure if the "unrated" version I saw is what was in the theaters, but let's just say the DVD has more beavers than Canada. (That's about as crude a joke as I'll ever make. On this blog anyway.)

Below is the profanity-filled (sorry, Sonagi) trailer for the film. It also contains one set of buttocks. 

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