Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ben Muse in Alaska is running a great blog that presents news of the Korea-US free-trade agreement, which is awaiting ratification in Korea's National Assembly (where the ruling party says it will pass) and the US Congress (where Democrats may try to make changes or not pass it altogether). Obama is not a big fan but McCain is, though the latter would have trouble getting it passed (or anything passed) in a Democrat-led House and Senate. 

If McCain does win (and after Kerry's defeat in 2004, I think it's folly to assume Obama's got this in the bag) I think there will be some good opportunity for the Democrats to sit down with McCain and hammer out some meaningful reforms dealing with the corruptive influence of lobbyists and other deep-pocket contributors that end up distorting what our country does. A silver lining, if you will.

But if you do win, McCain, please stay healthy for the next four years: A throughly unprepared and inexperienced President Palin is a scary prospect, even if she is a hottie (in that Tina Fey kinda way, which I must admit I like). 

This blog is a similar set up on the prospects of a future Taiwan-US FTA. 

This State Government site makes the case for the ROK-US FTA. Also available as a PDF file.

I'll add more on this later, but I may become a single-issue voter this election, and that single issue would be the Korea-US free-trade agreement. 

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