Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life on Marmot's

A month ago I made mention of Oranckay's apparently defunct site. Now just about the only website I visit regularly is The Marmot's Hole. Any regular reader of my blog will see the Marmot's Hole reference with some frequency, and if you look at his comments section prior to my temporary retirement in summer 2006, I was a frequent commenter myself.

I know the Marmot personally—have had beer with the hanbok-clad yangban that he is—and he's a great and humble guy with a lot of insight and knowledge (particularly linguistic and cultural), not to mention objectivity and all around good guy...edness. 

His site is the go-to site on a number of Korea-related topics, and many of his regular commenters also offer great insight into those same Korea-related issues (and sometimes bring up others). I wish I could say all of his commenters, but that would be grossly misleading. Often the comments section is a real-world example of the proverbial asylum run by the inmates. 

To put it another way, The Marmot's Hole is like a great hall of learning, built (unfortunately) atop a very large whine cellar. 

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