Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sun, ski, and surgery

Way back in 2005 I discussed the idea of Korea's potential to become a destination for medical tourism. Its world-class hospitals (not all of them, certainly, but more than just a few) and relatively inexpensive care (even for those who don't have national health insurance) were reason enough, but at the time it was hoped that Korea would be a hub of stem-cell research (and it still might be). 

Anyway, the New York Times has an article focusing on how South Korea is joining the likes of India, Thailand, and Singapore, with a number of facilities setting themselves up to help so-called "medical tourists." It's hoped that they'll stick around and see the sights (and perhaps spend a bit more money). 

The Japanese, who already come to Korea in droves, would be a good place to start. Set up a clinic with Japanese-speaking staff near Myŏngdong, and you're all set. 

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