Friday, December 9, 2005

June 26, 1933 archives

Foreign News: Dr. Yih & Dr. Kimm

Though Korea was annexed by Japan 23 years ago, there are Koreans still ready to fight for their own country. In Manhattan's Mott St. last week young Chinese gathered round their Consul, respected Dr. Yih, to hear from Korean Dr. Kiusic Kimm, secretary of Tientsin's Peiyang College, what had become of $10,000,000 sent by Chinese and Korean residents of the U. S. to help China's heroic 19th Route Army battle the Japanese invaders of Shanghai (TIME, Feb. 22, 1932.)

His first statement was a bombshell. Of all that money only $360,000 ever reached the heroic 19th. Continued Dr. Kimm:

"The Chino-Korean People's League is taking steps to prevent similar losses in the future. . . . We are planning a four-point attack on Japan, which involves the expansion of a military training school in Korea, intensified guerrilla warfare in China, more stringent boycott of Japanese goods, and a campaign of terrorism in Korea, Japan and northern China."

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