Saturday, December 10, 2005

May 26, 1941 archives: Luke 6:42

Damn Christians trying to let moral development get in the way of unbridled capitalism!

If the U.S. wants a good and lasting peace after the war, perhaps the U.S. should look to its own policies before it starts preaching to other powers.

That is the assumption on which the Federal Council of Churches' distinguished Committee to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace this week began lining up the organized support of U.S. Protestantism for a revolutionary move. They did not go so far as to suggest that the U.S. should follow the Golden Rule. They did, however, propose that Congress set up a Federal agency to study the economic harm that might be done to other countries by any proposed change in U.S. foreign trade, tariff, immigration or monetary policy.

In other words, the Committee did not suggest that the U.S. abridge its right to pass laws which might throw thousands of people out of work elsewhere (as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff did). What they urged was that before such laws can be passed, Congress should be legally bound to ascertain what their effect abroad would be, so that it could legislate with its eyes open.

While Congress is establishing this agency here, the President would be requested to invite other nations to take parallel action.

"A sovereignty system which accords the right to use economic power irresponsibly has become an anachronism no longer consistent with peace," the Committee declared. "What one nation does with regard to its raw materials, markets, immigration, or money may vitally affect millions elsewhere."

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