Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Racial unrest in Australia

I was alerted to this story on the Daum website, which had a link to an SBS news program: White versus Middle Eastern racial violence in Australia.

I don't know enough about what has happened (is happening?) in Australia to know who is acting in the wrong here, but it is this kind of news story that leads many Koreans (and their Japanese neighbors) to feel that ethnic/racial diversity is an invitation to disaster.

Of course, one could just as easily argue that knee-jerk opposition to diversity is the real culprit.


  1. The real problem here is White Australia. No one in NZ was the least bit surprised that this happened.

  2. Doggie's comments over at Marmot's seemed to illustrate the problem, describing the Middle Easterners as deserving White wrath because the Lebanese (anywhere from four of them to, I don't know, 99% of them) are rampaging Australia raping White Australian women.

    When people think of individuals as groups responsible for all the behaviors of anyone in their group, that make solving such problems impossible. Funny how so many non-Koreans in Korea fail to see in their own behavior or attitudes the very thing that they complain Koreans do to them.


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