Thursday, December 15, 2005


"Maybe I should write a letter to Koizumi, because he has done something for abductees."

-- ROK citizen at Seoul Summit for North Korean Human Rights presenting a letter to his father, who was kidnapped in 1971 by North Koreans and has been held in the DPRK ever since


  1. Whoa, said citizen had better be careful. As of March 2nd of 2004 it's against the law to be friendly towards Japanese and as of last week Thursday (12/8) he can have all of his property, his children's property, and grandchildren's properties seized for treason.

    The first law is: 日帝強占領下親日反民族行為真相究明特別法 or 친일진상규명법
    The second is: 親日反民族行為者財産帰属特別法 however I don't know the non-Chinese characters Korean name.

  2. that's for people who were too friendly during the occupation era, right? i don't think koizumi was around then.

  3. Yes and no... It's clearly intended to mean that, even the title says so, but the actual wording of the law doesn't say when Imperial Japan ended, or that it's okay to be friendly now, just says it's not okay to be nice to the Japanese Imperialists.
    The vague wording means it could be abused and still be used today.


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