Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daniel Chong is an instant millionaire

Remember Korean-American college student Daniel Chong from San Diego, the guy who was mistakenly locked up and left in a DEA facility for five days without food or water? He has been awarded $4.1 million in a lawsuit against the agency.

I wonder if he'll stay in college. It would be tempting not to. ($2 million is my "set for life" amount where I feel I could invest prudently and live in modest perpetual comfort with the occasional splurge.)



  1. If he's smart (and I'm assuming he is because he went to that awesome-est of schools in UCSD), he'll stay in school to finish his studies. These days, it seems like a few million can be spent so easily. If that settlement gets taxed (and I believe it does), that won't leave much except for a nice home in O.C.

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