Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Steve Colbert highlights why the Asiana decision to sue KTVU for damaging the airline's reputation will damage the airline's reputation

If you aren't catching The Colbert Report or The Daily Show on a regular basis — and you can in Korea — then you are missing out on some incisive, insightful, and (for many people) informative stuff.

An excerpt from the three-minute cringeworthy segment above:
I do not care who confirmed these names; it is wrong:

"Wi Tu Lo"? "Bang Ding Ow"? This is a Korean airline; those are Chinese names.

If you're going to do a racist joke, at least get the ethnicity right. Like "Captain Park Ma Plen Tu-sun" or "Ha Yu Lan Dis Tang.'
If you haven't seen The Colbert Report, the gimmick is that he's a conservative talk show host, à la Bill O'Reilley, who frequently utters unintentionally and unwittingly ridiculous things, all to the mocking of conservative viewpoints.

Of course, other things get skewered as well. In this case, Asiana Airlines, which is right to be outraged over the stupid and racist "joke" about the pilots' names, but which is trying to check in two 23-kilogram bags full of chutzpah if it goes to court to claim that the KTVU incident and not the fatal crash landing is what is damaging the carrier's standing with the public.

Unless and until mechanical error absolves the pilots and the airline of culpability, perhaps Asiana should STFU about KTVU.

(Disclaimer of sorts: I still love my Asiana Airlines. Also, I realize that while deriding the KTVU racist incident, Steve Colbert produced more of the same, but that cringeworthy stuff is part of the shtick, though one could easily argue — I can, at least — that Mr Colbert is being more a part of the problem than a parody of it.)


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