Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Korean mention of the week

This week's random mention of Korea in the media is actually from May 25, 2013 (I've been busy with work and travel and didn't get to this one until this morning). The NPR radio news quiz show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" had this to say in reference to the United Kingdom finally sending an official astronaut into space:
In 2015, Major Tim Peak will become Britain's first official astronaut in space, meaning the only people to beat the U.K. into space are the Americans, the Russians, the Canadians, the Chinese, a dog, a monkey, Richard Branson, that guy from NSync and a jar of kimchi.
This is actually a pretty funny show, if you're into the news (and even if you're not).



  1. Can't believe I've been listening to this show since the '90s.

    1. I forgot that it's been around that long. I only started listening to it when I started going to school in Hawaii, when it was a welcome respite during what was an extremely difficult time in my life (not school-related, but family).

      Prior to going leaving Seoul to attend grad school, the extent of my NPR/PRI listening was whatever AFKN played (the morning show was on in the evening, I think) and "Prairie Home Companion," which my Minnesota relatives got me into.


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