Friday, October 3, 2008

Things that will be blogged

Things I will blog on soon, perhaps after my econ midterm next week...

Beloved actress Choi Jin-shil [최진실] has apparently committed suicide
I wrote about her in 2005 regarding Susan Brink's Arirang, a movie where she deftly portrayed an overseas adoptee, all in Swedish. For now, my thoughts on suicide in Korea can be summed up in the commentary following this Marmot's Hole post. Suicide in Korea is something I hope to address after my med/health doctoral studies are finished. 

Former ROK president Roh Moo-hyun has become a cyber-warrior.
Instead of building houses like a good leftist former head-of-state, former President Roh has ventured into cyberspace where he is spewing his ill-conceived sadaejui [사대주의] policies toward Beijing and his pandering policies toward Pyongyang. 

China uses surveillance of Skype users.
More evidence that no matter how much we buy their products at WalMart, China is not like us and seems no closer to becoming like us. 

John McCain's daughter Meghan is a hottie.
At least in the picture that they have attached to this article. Actually, she looks a bit like a student I know, who definitely is a hottie. So by the associative properties of hottieness...

The Korean won (KRW) keeps plummeting.
In 1997 and 1998, Korean financial mismanagement led to a KRW free-fall. In 2008, American financial mismanagement leads to the KRW falling. Fortunately, I have money in the US and the ROK, so I can just spend whichever one is stronger. Assuming that one of them remains strong. Maybe I need to rethink this plan. 

Hillary loves her hanbok
But she had the good sense not to wear it. Blondes should not wear bright-colored hanbok. Ever. 

HIV may have been around for a century.
It's being reported that a genetic analysis of a biopsy sample recently discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has led researchers to conclude that the virus that causes AIDS has existed in human populations since 1900, about three decades earlier than previously thought.


  1. Susanne Brink just passed away last month. More sadness.

  2. Oh, my God! You're right!

    I hadn't heard that and I don't think I would have had you not pointed it out. Thank you.

  3. I have now written something (but brief) about this sad bit of news, with a hat tip to you, djkimcheelove.


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