Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Korean reference on "The Office" (Part 둘)

In a recent episode of the US version of The Office, Pam is applying for a job in Philadelphia and her prospective new boss is the Philadelphia version of Michael Scott. In his effort to sound very cool, he makes a bunch of lame references to Gangnam Style when he passes his sole Asian employee.

And on a different note, I apologize for not keeping up with things for the last few weeks, but I have a very frontloaded semester this spring, and it has been keeping me busy. Besides, The Marmots Hole and ROK Drop keep beating me to most of the things I want to write about anyway.

I guess if I quit watching The Office (and New Girl, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Parks & Recreation, Community, etc.) then maybe I'd have more time to write posts.

(And yeah, Random Korean references on The Office is a thing.)


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