Saturday, September 24, 2005

Did a category-5 hurricane blow Bush off the wagon?

The National Enquirer says it did (the same National Enquirer that broke stories on Clinton's infidelity).

More on this later.

Here's the more. I have no tolerance for drunk driving. None. I have twice been hit by drunk drivers (in Korea) and one of those times was in a residential area near a school and, had the driver not hit me, there's a very good chance he would have plowed into a child. No tolerance at all.

To me, drunk driving represents an utter failure of good reason. It represents one person doing what he (or she) wants to do while displaying TOTAL DISREGARD for how his/her actions affect other people's lives.

And such an utter lack of judgement makes a person, in my opinion, absolutely unfit to be leader of a nation, particularly in the role of commander-in-chief.

I said that in November 2000 when Bush was running for president: his drunk-driving conviction made him, in my opinion, unqualified to be president.

This is not a partisan thing: with God as my Witness, had it been revealed that Al Gore had been convicted of drunk driving, I would not have voted for him. I would have left that slot blank, voted for Nader, or written in Bill Clinton. At the time I did not know if or when this lack of appreciation of the consequences of one's actions on the lives of others would come into play, but now I think I've seen it.

Being an alcoholic is another thing. Yes, I do believe George W. Bush is a recovering alcoholic (I don't think he is a former cokehead or anything like that; those rumors came about because it was believed, prior to November 2000, that Bush had done something, but the press didn't know what. It turned out that the something was probably the covered-up drunk-driving arrest).

A recovering alcoholic, in particular, is one who has realized the wrong direction his life has gone, and he has done something about it. A recovering alcoholic may be one who has done nothing to endanger the lives of others, but he/she still has a problem. It's not the same lack of responsibility as being a drunk driver.

Nevertheless, if Bush really is off the wagon, that concerns me. People like my mother decided to vote for him because "he has gotten his life together." If he is sipping the sauce again, then that is no longer true. Again, the question of suitability to be president is at issue.

I hope this is one of those things that the National Enquirer got wrong. If they're right, I really hope Laura Bush can get her husband, our nation's leader, back on track. For real, not just for show.

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