Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Korean Red Cross fund for victims of Katrina

Ms. Eunhee Cho of the Korean Red Cross informs me that the Korean Red Cross has opened a special account for contributions to aid people affected by Hurricane Katrina. You can send donations directly to:
Woori Bank (우리은행) account #1005-300-981799.

They can be reached by phone at 02-3705-3663
or by fax at 02-3705-3667.

Upon request, they will send you a receipt of your donation.

On their
Korean-language site, they list a number of items that can be donated to aid the victims, starting with cash:

- 현금
- 휴대식량
- 얼음과 물
- 발전기(100과 220 둘 다 가능하지만, 60헤르츠가 필요. 많은 국가들이 50헤르츠를 사용함에 주의)
- 방수천과 플라스틱판
- 침구류(시트, 베개)
- 의료장비(구급약품, 붕대, 목발, 휠체어; 조제약는 받지 않음)
- 생리대
- 유아식과 기저귀
- 냉방기
- 대형 천막
- 물류인원
- 지게차, 지게차 받침대, 기타 수송및 물류 공급품
- 수의사 물품
- 청소도구

UPDATE: At my suggestion, they provided a direct link to donation information on the English-language version of the site. Prior to that, the account information was only available in Korean.

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