Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Exhibit of GIs helping orphans cancelled

By now many of my readers are probably aware that this exhibit has been cancelled. Marmot's Hole covers the cancellation and, true to form, his commenters quickly jumped on this being a blatant act of anti-Americanism. Never mind that there could be a dozen other logical reasons (not all of them necessarily good reasons but logical nonetheless) for the cancellation, it must be anti-Americanism, and Roh is probably behind it. Pull our troops out now!

I think it's also very telling that no one in the Korea-related blogosphere except me (according to technorati.com) paid any attention to this exhibit until it was cancelled.

I don't know why the general in charge pulled the plug at the last minute, but I really can't see a general giving in to a Pyongyang-hugging touchy-feely executive, no. I suspect, as Oranckay suggested, the idea of digging up the painful memory of war orphans was seen as a bit much for the general public. And that is not an anti-American viewpoint. But it's no more informed than any of the other wild theories.

Still, I would like to see this exhibit go through. I think a religious organizations, like Myŏngdong Cathedral or the International Lutheran Church, would be a good venue, especially if such religious organizations were involved with efforts to help the GIs help the orphans.

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