Monday, September 12, 2005

July 26, 1926 archives

Time Magazine, July 26, 1926

Into the garden where clustered a whimpering lad, his pale mother, a few niched apples and a Seventh Day Adventist missionary there came a maid servant. In her hand she held a bottle of silver nitrate which the missionary, C. A. Haysmeir, had bid her fetch. The pale Korean mother glossed her son's felony with imploring tears. But Missionary Haysmeir picked up the brush portentously. He dipped it into the bottle of scarifying chemical.

The little Korean boy shrieked in bewilderment. Calmly, with delicacy, Adventist Haysmeir etched "Thief" on the boy's either cheek. It did not hurt much. What hurt was the later ridicule of playmates who jeered the little fellow out of school. Missionary Haysmeir was dismissed last week by the Far Eastern organization of Seventh Day Adventists.

Reports that mild-tempered Koreans were about to wage a Boxer massacre were ill-founded. Koreans happen to like missionaries. They evidently realized that Missionary Haysmeir was an unbalanced member of a fanatical sect.

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