Thursday, September 8, 2005

See you later, alligator.

The death toll is already looking grim, but it appears that the New Orleans Zoo, which is in one of the highest points in the city, came out okay. Of all the animals in the zoo, two otters were the only ones who died.

They warn, however, that an alligator is missing. One more reason for the remaining citizens to heed Mayor Nagin's warning to evacuate the city.

The animals came out all right because the zookeepers were deeply concerned about their survival and risked their own lives to stick around to make sure the animals made it through okay:
They are a stubborn lot, zoo people. They care greatly for their animals, and feel that the responsibility they have is one they take to heart.
-- Julie Balentine of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Zoo curator Dan Maloney says he is confident the alligator will return, too.

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