Saturday, January 21, 2006

Anger is vinegar

I've updated this post from June with a long overdue follow-up and an editorial that is lengthier than the original post itself (Kushibo is not known for brevity).

Incidentally, in the comments section following the Gord post on which mine is based, someone links to my Corea-versus-Korea post. To this day, that now-famous post (it's linked in Wikipedia and places that use Wikipedia materials) still gets dozens of hits each week originating from Gord's comments section. In fact, on some days it makes up 20 to 25% of my blog's total hits.

And one last thing about this picture: what really bugs me about it is that the "Korea" figure is stepping on Kyushu, which is one of my two favorite places in Japan. Think of the tsunami that would cause in Pusan! Sphere: Related Content


  1. The link from wikipedia to your Corea/Korea post is how I found you, and incidentally got into talking about this stuff outside of at school. I was looking at something about Japan and saw a link to an article about all the problems between Japan and Korea, one o them was the Corea/Korea thing (which was the first I'd heard of it) that had the think to you.

    So basically, everything I say online about issues is all your fault !!! ehehe

  2. Actually he seems to be stepping on Shimonoseki in Honshu. They have forgotten to draw Kyushu altogether. I agree with your sentiments regarding Kyushu. Where's your other favourite place?

  3. Where's your other favourite place?

    Oh, my. I never answered San Nakji's question. My other favorite place is Kyoto.

    But I'm hoping to go to Tsushima/Taemado this coming weekend to see what it's like.


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