Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hwang's 2004 study also "falsified"

Marmot will probably have the run-down on this later, but I want to get it out while I'm still in front of my computer: Seoul National University nine-person council has declared that the data in embattled cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk's 2004 study was also forged.

In the 2004 paper, which first brought Dr. Hwang international acclaim, Hwang claimed to have cloned a human embryo and extracted stem cells from it.

There's one ray of hope for Hwang: the panel also said Hwang's alleged stem-cell technology lacked practicality but that Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog, has been proven to be genuine. Snoopy, however, is still a cartoon.

Meanwhile, Kimbob links an article showing that Dr. Schatten's and Dr. Hwang's respective teams are seeking patents for this "failed" cloning technology. I find it interesting that these "discredited" scientists seem to think that there is value in their "failed" work. It did make me wonder if there really isn't something going that hasn't yet come to light.

This is not over yet.

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  1. Well...treacherous moments day after day. But I don't trust what the SNU investigative committee said yesterday...maybe I don't want to. Ahhhhh...I wonder what tomorrow will bring us that will stir up the society again. Some body says time is more important than money, for time only goes? Yeah...don't come back ya all these moments once and for all...-_-;;;


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