Thursday, January 26, 2006

Norimitsu Onishi on the Dear Leader's trip to China

Norimitsu Onishi, New York Times reporter and suspected (by his critics) stealth Japan-bashing zainichi, has an article on North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's recent tour of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Onishi likened the trip to Chinese leader and retired Ninja turtle Deng Xiaoping's 1992 "southern tour," after which he "gave his nation...the nod for a full-throttled drive toward capitalism." The article provides a reasonable overview of past attempts by Pyongyang to reform. For "Where's Waldo?" type fun, try to find the hidden anti-Japanese message skillfully hidden in his words (I'm being sarcastic). Sphere: Related Content


  1. "Norimitsu Onishi, New York Times reporter and suspected (by his critics) stealth Japan-bashing zainichi"
    hehe. you know who else the (domestic) extremists claim is a zainichi in disguise? Yup, Koizumi. That's why it's so hard for me to believe that the right-wing is keeping Koizumi going because they hate him.

  2. Darin is right about the right wing in Japan hating Koizumi. Its another case of Koreans having no idea about what Japanese politics is about. The see a vast right wing conspiracy in Japan centered around Koizumi, but recently the hated (in Korea) Nishio Kanji of the Society for Textbook Reform wrote a book about Koizumi (which I have not read) which is said to extremely critical. If I recall correctly, the title of the book is something like 'Can this kind of man lead Japan?'.

    As for Norimitsu Onishi, it is possible he may be a Zainichi Korean, but equally possible that he is just a confused Japanese-Canadian trying to overcompensate for the crimes he thinks his ancestors committed. I have seen his picture, and based on looks alone I would say he is Korean (around 60% sure). What is not in doubt is that he is anti Japanese.

    Darin, have you read Yasukuni-ron? Sensouron and some of the Goumanism is all I have read.

    1. This is a six year old reply - but Norimitsu ONISHI is not "Japanese-Canadian" if you apply the standard definition .. that is, a Canadian citizen of Japanese (ethnic/racial) descent.

      ONISHI was born in Ichikawa Chiba Prefecture - which is just across the river from the shitamachi of East Tokyo - as an ethnic North Korean who later naturalized as a Japanese citizen. So, assuming he has a Canadian passport, that would make him a "Korean-Canadian" or a "Korean-Japanese-Canadian" depending on your tolerance for hyphenated identities.

  3. matthew, i have read yasukuni-ron and okinawa-ron..
    I personally think kobayashi is lunatic, but i read his stuff because he's controversial, and he does bring up facts that are interesting, even if he interprets them in a weird misleading way.
    I'm actually working on a little post right now points out how against koizumi's yasukuni visits in kobayashi's yasukuni-ron... being as he is a loud and well known right-winger, i found it rather interesting because it's generally accepted for fact that the right-wing supports koizumi, even though i've never seen it actually debated/seen anything to prove that.

  4. The see a vast right wing conspiracy in Japan centered around Koizumi

    That's not what I've been saying (and it's not what others I know have been expressing). The problem is not a Koizumi-centered right-wing, but a PM Koizumi pandering to the right wing.


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