Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dangers of 빨리! 빨리! (part 1)

The quality of this "photo" is low, because it's actually a frame stolen from my camcorder.

Korean road signs—despite the recent change to the atrocious NAKL Romanization system with its eo and its oversimplification of slightly complex Korean consonants—are usually pretty well written. But occasionally you end up with a sign that obviously needed proofreading. Yeah, I'm making assumptions here and supposing that the people who put in the paperwork for this sign were in a 빨리 빨리 (Quickly! Quickly!Now! Now! We need it yesterday!) mode.

There's really nothing funny here. It's not like the apocryphal, "We play for MacArthur's erection" banner that was put up in Tokyo in the early 1950s. But I'm guessing that if this sign-making company or the government agency that ordered it was anything like thousands of other corporations across Korea, the person in charge of making up the sign was picked because he/she was the one with the highest TOEIC score. Even though he/she is woefully out of their league.

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  1. I can understand the dangers of bballi bballi very well indeed...

    Working on a jobsite down here in Jeollanam-do, it really baffles me to see that some of these guys don't learn from their mistakes.

    They sometimes sacrifice quality at the expense of being a few hours quicker... Only to realise they need to spend more time fixing something that went wrong.


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