Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The five chugigi

The highlight of a recent conversation with a friend who lives in Nonhyŏn-dong: the five chugigi (노무현의 5가지 죽이기), or, the five things President Roh Moohyun wants to destroy. None of this is new (apparently Roh has mentioned this many times to many people), but it is interesting how this has become often-mentioned talking points among Korea's conservatives. Anyway, look at who Roh sees as his enemies in this class/cultural warfare:

1) 三星 죽이기 (Samsung Group conglomerate)

2) 江南 죽이기 (the Kangnam area with its filthy rich)

3) 서울大 죽이기 (Seoul National University, with its intellectual elites and graduates who dominate Korea's political and economic spheres)

4) 東亞日報 죽이기 (the Dong-a Ilbo, though it's probably the Korean edition he hates)

5) 基督敎 죽이기 (kidokkyo, or Christianity, especially Protestants)

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  1. And I remember a comedy movie released a long time ago, titled "마누라 죽이기"(killing your wife)

    Now it's time to "kill your partners".


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