Sunday, September 9, 2012

Clinton urges cool heads in Japan-South Korea island dispute

US Secretary of State Hillary Ridham Clinton has warned Japan and Korea that if they keep fighting over Tokto she's gonna turn this car around right now.

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  1. If, as I understand it, Korea has occupied Dokto/Takeshima since 1954, one has to ask: why has no effective action been taken by Japanese governments during the 58 years involved? At the very least, the history of Japanese responses over this period would make for interesting reading.

    My sense is that Korea and the Koreans have definitely passed some milestone in this issue in the last few months, marked most especially by LMB’s visit to the islands; Korea’s sovereignty over Dokto is now regarded as inalienable and unquestionable, whereas before, they were busy (I think) convincing themselves that this was so. There has been a shift in their thinking, and they now “know” for sure.

    I would also be interested to read just what options Japan can actually exercise to regain control of the situation – if any?

    Another interesting thread is precisely what has motivated the successive Korean governments’ perpetuation of aggrievement with and accusations against Japan over the 58 years? It appears so clearly to play into Chinese interests, and in my opinion, to damage (sabotage) SK’s long-term opportunities for development and strategic strength, and independence from Chinese domination. But this is from the K. government(s)!

    I am not wishing to be provocative, but I would genuinely like to understand an issue that appears shrouded in hysteria and disinformation.

    I've posted a similar comment on Ampontan.


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