Sunday, September 9, 2012

North Korea May Be Preparing Economic Changes

The NYT seems to agree with me that the upcoming rubber-stamp congress in North Korea is set to announce major economic reforms.

If this is true, it could mean that Kim Jong-un and his handlers' faction have their ducks in a row and are about to stick it to the military, despite expressions if support by KJU for his father's Son'gun ("military first") policy.

Surely even the generals can see the writing on the wall in the Middle East and back rooms of power in Beijing, and they might actually grudgingly continue to support The Young General.

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  1. Chinese academics have been travelling the world the last month or so telling everyone how 'historic' the DPRK's opening up is going to be, and how there are already hundreds of Worker Party cadres in China's main cities studying. Their message is that it is going happen,so the West and Japan, please don't screw it up. Of course, the key for regional stability is whether the DPRK open up to everyone, Myanmar-like, or only to China and a few concessions to Russia and ROK as misdirection.


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