Saturday, September 22, 2012

South Korea suspends bidding for US rice imports

Rice imports from United States has never been a popular idea in South Korea, and finding arsenic in American rice is certainly a good excuse to cut them off.

The truth is we're not really sure how much arsenic occurs naturally and whether or not these levels really detrimental to the human body when consumed as part if food. After all, it could be something that's completely natural and our bodies are accustomed to those trace amounts.

On the other hand, if this really is something that is no big deal at all, it might become something like Mad Cow where people are against it whether there really is justification for it or not.

Basically, if this can be used as a political tool against American imports, it will be. That is not to say there's nothing to this story; the fact is right now we really don't know.

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