Sunday, May 21, 2006

Den of thieves

Back in 1988, opponents to the removal of Korea's screen quota allegedly released non-poisonous snakes into a sparsely attended showing of "Fatal Attraction" and poisonous snakes into a showing of "Rain Man" (later works of Glenn Close, including "Air Force One" and "101 Dalmations," have fared much better in Korea; ditto with Dustin Hoffman and that Tom Cruise fellow).

Nothing like serpents to punctuate a point in a hissy fit.

With opposition to the supposedly "blasphemous" movie, "DaVinci Code" running so high, is it any wonder that some folks apparently are breaking the law to prevent people from seeing this controversial film as well?

In one place, a movie theater was forced to close on the opening night of "The Da Vinci Code" after twenty projector lenses were stolen, though it is not certain this is related to the film. Nearby protesters, some of whom were holding signs that said "Boycott Hollywood," said the theft was not connected to their demonstration.

Alas, for all of you who wanted to chalk up this possible bit of hypocrisy (stealing in order to protect the sanctity of Christ?!) as another example of "OinK" (only in Korea; a popular term on the now defunct Kexpat list, the forerunner of the K-blogosphere), this didn't happen in South Korea, but in North Dakota.

Oh, those nutty Midwesterners with their intolerance for other points of view and their blind self-righteousness. I guess when you know you are "correct," it just stands to follow that you have every right to break the law to make your point. [tongue firmly in cheek]

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