Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Korea launches Blackberry service

This may have been late in coming. Korea tends to go its own way in a lot of technological advancements, and things that are popular or at least somewhat common in other countries may be almost completely absent in South Korea (Apple comes to mind, though that is changing). If Korea is hoping to make lives easier for more foreign nationals — at least the ones with boku bucks — this isn't always the best way to go. Having Blackberry service availability will probably due more to attract foreign investment and foreign talent than having the World Cup games broadcast in English.

For me, however, this means very little. Having been in Korea throughout the entire Blackberry revolution, I know of the devices, but know little about the devices or what their appeal is. One close friend's brother is a marketing VP or something at Blackberry, and I had a chance to meet with him to discuss the opening and the general feel of the market here. For the sake of Blackberry, I hope they didn't take anything I said seriously.

I've always been a fan of Handspring Visors (I have an Edge which has served me well). The name "blackberry" conjures up images of our family stopping the motorhome along two-lane country highways in Oregon and picking wild berries from the plants we saw on the side of the road, until some guy runs at us shouting, "Get off my property, you assholes!" Apparently Oregonians can smell Californians from hundreds of yards away.

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