Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pyongyang asks Seoul to relay World Cup matches to the North...

...something that the South has done in the past (very brief article here).

And of course, South Korea should agree.

Then, one day before the World Cup's key matches (i.e., those with South Korea playing anyone), Seoul should announce that "it is impossible to conduct the broadcast relay," adding that Seoul will wait for an appropriate time to come for the World Cup broadcasts after the situation in the North returns to normal. Anyone in the DPRK tuning in would see only a blank screen, except for the words, "Payback's a bitch."*

That, of course, should be Plan-B. Plan-A would be to send subliminal messages through the broadcasts, like they do at Disneyland (please someone send me a link), telling North Koreans to rise up against their leaders, not inform on their neighbors, and/or grow their hair long.

*Alternatively, "Suck my quid pro quo."

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