Sunday, May 21, 2006

Extreme make-over, imperial edition

Perhaps demonstrating Shelton Bumgarner's contention that the Grey Lady (that would be the NYT for non-journalist wannabes, which would be the New York Times for those of you in Rio Linda) is fascinated with the notion of Korea as an adorability-exuding vortex of cuteness, the NYT has a story about Yi Seok (that would be Yi Sŏk for my fellow McCune-Reischauer aficianados—or would that be aficianadi?—and Yi Sok for the Korea Times editors who can't find the breve key), a grandson of Emperor Kojong and a nephew of Emperor Sunjong, Korea's last sitting monarch.

If much of the melodramatic story sounds like a repeat, well, it could be because this royal's tragic rise and fall and rediscovery—with homelessness and suicide attempts mixed in—has been told a few times in the Korea-related press and elsewhere.

If you're in Chŏnju/Chonju/Jeonju, see if you can pay a visit to this apparently quite friendly royal.

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