Monday, May 8, 2006

Seoul to seek military trials for trespassers in Pyongtaek

Yonhap reports that South Korea will seek military trials (ouch!) for protesters who trespass on the planned site in Pyongtaek for the relocation of Yongsan Garrison.

"Peaceful rallies are allowed to take place but violent acts should not be condoned," Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung said in a hurriedly arranged press briefing, noting demonstrators will be prosecuted by a military court if they trespass beyond a barbed wire fence at the site bordering Camp Humphreys.

Civilians can even face a prison term of more than two years if they are found to have damaged or harmed railroads or other facilities used for military purposes, according to military officials.

Yoon's remarks came hours after a local court issued only 10 arrest warrants out of the 37 requested by prosecutors. Yonhap says that application of military law is expected to bring stricter punishment for violators.

It's about time they started imposing some law and order against the bamboo warriors. Maybe this woman will end up in a courtroom (with Brendon Carr defending her?). Or perhaps she feels she can hold the authorities at bay merely by removing their comments on her blog.

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