Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two-thirds of an axis

Is this a case of life imitating art? Pyongyang is now making no bones about its relationship with Teheran. The two marked a special "friendship week" in Teheran last week, according to the North's Korean Central News Agency (not available in South Korea):
Calling the ties a special relationship, speakers at the opening ceremony said the (countries') acts and slogans of struggle to oppose global dominators and their struggle spirit aimed at safeguarding national dignity and independence are deepening the relations.
North Korea and Iran have been major foreign policy irritants for the United States as they have resisted Washington-led international pressure to give up their nuclear ambitions. There have also been indications of weapons and weapons technology transfers as Pyongyang struggles for hard currency.

I just wonder if the Islamic Republic of Iran realizes what North Korea does to people of faith.

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