Monday, October 15, 2012

Hungry hama

With reboots, English-language remakes, mindless sequels, etc., dominating Hollywood, perhaps it's time we retire that old chestnut of a meme (meme #43) that it's Koreans who are the ones lacking creativity. 

From AV Club comes news that there will in fact be a movie version of... wait for it... Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

That's right, the game.

Okay, then.

[fake poster source]

Angry birds, I can see that (there's a backstory and multiple locales). But hungry hippos? No. Not even hungry, hungry hippos. 

My guess is that maybe some studio exec's autocorrect function got the better of him or her, and it's actually going to be a 1960s documentary on hungry hippies.


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  1. Actually, they may be on to something if they did do a movie like this. I can't imagine too many scarier giant animal monsters than some very large freakish hungry hippos!


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