Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Requiem for a dream of hope and change

I'm walking back to my dorm room from the parking. I'm dictating a blog post as I'm doing it. I'm gleeful from the debate earlier in the day.

I'll make no bones about it: I do not want Romney to win the election. Back in 2008, I didn't mind if John McCain won, but I was rooting for Obama. Even though I didn't vote for him

Romney simply seems to be regurgitating right-wing talking points that have no factual basis. They seem to be mean-spirited and, more importantly, they are utterly lacking in factual basis.

Obamacare repeal would not save any money. In fact, it would cost money.

More importantly, it would cost lives. And Romney knows this, because he put in place nearly the exact same program when he was governor of Massachusetts. And it is the worst kind of politics that someone would know that and yet run against it simply because his own party is so vehemently against it.

Obama is not a perfect president, but he is close to the mark or right on the mark on just about every issue. If people are disappointed in him, it is usually not based in something that is verifiable reality. He was right in his handling of Libya, he was right in his handling of Syria, he is deftly handling China, and North Korea, and he is working strongly with all of our allies.

His policies put the brakes on a freefall, the worst economic situation of the last 80 years. The problem is not that he doesn't know what he's doing, but that his opponents are counting on people to not realize just how bad things were, or that they would forget how bad things were.

Even worse, they deliberately muddle the dates things happened in order to blame Obama for things that happened because of Bush or under Bush. This is how they come up with the idea that Obama tripled the deficit, when in fact he has reduced it by 35%. This is how they get their followers to think that Obama has raised taxes on the middle class, when in fact he has lowered their taxes. In fact, this is part of his stimulus package.

If we did not bring the unemployment rate down to 5% or 6%, this is because the Congress, the Republicans in Congress, were hell-bent on preventing him from getting a second term rather than working to get America back on its feet. And that is disgusting.

Obama deserves a second term. He will finish what he started in a second term. The people who seem to have no clue how we got into this mess are asking you to turn around and vote against Obama. That would be a mistake.

Moreover, Obama having only one term would be rewarding those who have engaged in the most atrocious of smear campaigns. The people who would derail this country just for the sake of political gain. That cannot stand.

And now I'm home. Good night.


  1. Completely agree. I actually don't mind the "moderate Mitt" who magically appeared in Denver, a man I was superficially aware of as a Republican governor of a strongly blue state and managed to pass universal healthcare. Perhaps I could have even voted for that guy, but this election has shown him to be little more than a used-car salesman, saying and doing anything to close the deal. This trait likely served him well as a predatory venture capitalist, but it makes for the absolute worst politician, one who stands for nothing but their own self-aggrandizement. Under normal circumstances a Romney presidency would likely be flaccid and forgettable (especially with the calm economic waters coming from successful recovery), but the impact of rewarding the Republican party for their behavior over the last four years would be far more enormous and, at least personally, serve as an indictment and damning evidence of a failing, once great nation.

  2. If I understand it correctly, New York is suffering Typhoon Sandy because Obama was not born in the US...

    1. You been in Korea too long if you're calling it Typhoon Sandy instead of Hurricane Sandy. ;)

      I'm beginning to think that Republicans not only are aware that global warming exists, but that they actually invented it on purpose as a very complex form of voter suppression.


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