Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy puts a damper on early voting

Hurricane Sandy has given me an epiphany: Not only do Republicans actually believe global warming is real, but in fact they and their petroleum-burning buddies engineered climate change and all its havoc as a very complex form of voter suppression.

(By the way, here in Hawaii we get a day off on Election Day, just like in Korea. I'll hit the polls and then hit the beach.)



  1. In my humble and no doubt ill-informed opinion, if Romney does not win this election, the Republican party will disintegrate; their take on reality has become so absurd that no reasonable person could believe it.

    Ummm, surely there are reasonable Americans, somewhere, I trust? (Bring back Pres. Clinton!)

  2. Seeing the devastation on the New Jersey shoreline on TV, I have to respectfully wonder why the inhabitants are choosing to rebuild there; surely it is only a matter of time before another storm of Sandy's ilk hits the area? (It may be 50 years away, but it will happen).

    Presuming such storms are, in part, an effect of mankind-induced global warming, we are going to have to - perhaps as a matter of urgency - radically restructure our human settlement and transportation patterns, just as the Japanese are recognizing that coastal cities that are susceptible to tsunami need to be relocated to safer higher areas further from the shoreline, and reduced in size.


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