Thursday, April 6, 2006

구미호 가족, now filming in Kushibo's hood

This movie, entitled "구미호 가족" (Kumiho Kajok, the sly old fox's family?) and scheduled for release in October 2006, is right now filming on the street just outside my apartment building. It stars the people you see above.

The Korean movie sites list the film as "comedy and horror," which is pretty much the way I feel about this neighborhood.

One thing that is (usually) cool about living in Seoul is how easy it is to encounter famous people. Not just here in central Seoul, but even in outlying areas, where I've also seen movies and TV shows being filmed/taped from time to time. I've also seen some rather famous people just walking about in Insa-dong, Itaewon, and of course Kangnam.

I've also had a greater chance to meet certain Americans, as well, including former President Bill Clinton and former superstar Britney Spears. The latter is dumb as dirt, but I still wouldn't push her out of bed.

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