Sunday, April 2, 2006

Pusan, Taemado/Tsushima, and where else?

A co-worker has snared a doctor and will be marrying this man down in Pusan next weekend. I have managed to get away from my normal Friday, Satuday, and Sunday duties and am considering spending a long weekend down there: head down Friday morning and come back up on Monday morning.

Anyone down in the Pusan area who would like to meet up for coffee or a drink, let me know. Anyone up in the Seoul area who would like to see the sights down there, let me know. If I am not traveling alone, I may drive
my pimped-out minivan and share the cost of gas. Otherwise, I'm taking the KTX and relying on public transport.

I would like to see some cherry blossoms, though I now have no working camera (my old Canon digital camera is kaput, my Sony camcorder needs to be sent to the shop, and my film camera is somewhere in Japan). I might head to Pŏmŏsa Temple (Beomeosa) to see the bamboo.

I am also considering taking a day-trip to Tsushima (Taemado) Island, the bit of Japanese territory a short boat ride off the Pusan/ Kyŏngsang coast. Maybe I'll check out real estate opportunities there.

If I have no travel partner and nobody to see down there (all relations in the area are currently in the States, as far as I'm aware), I might drive over to the Posŏng Tea Fields in neighboring Chŏlla-namdo Province.

One of the great thing about my minivan is that it is large enough in the back to sleep in comfortably (it's great for siestas) when the seats are pushed down. I might stay there if the condo for wedding guests is not available, but then again I might splurge for the 8000 won cost of entry for a steam/bathhouse (찜질방, jjimjilbang). However, the last time I stayed in one of them, the couple "sleeping" nearby started having sex. Apparently this is an extremely rare thing to happen in a legitimate establishment, but there they were, going at it as quietly and as inconspicuously as possible at 2 a.m. or so.

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