Sunday, April 16, 2006

Reverend Kushibo's Easter message

As one well-known blog lurker knows, I really did set out to go to church today. But as usual on Sundays, I just had too much work to do. Instead, I spent part of the day (while working) with one eye on a cable channel showing "Ben Hur." This movie came out in 1959, well before I was ever born, and I grew up knowing about it but never having watched it ("Casablanca" is another notable flick I have never seen). I finally got a chance to see it in a Korean theater when I was in college, and it was truly amazing, even though I was seeing it decades later.

In some ways, "Ben Hur" is sort of like "Passion of the Christ" meets "2 Fast 2 Furious," but it is still somewhat edifying. At the very least, the movie helped me feel not quite so bad about missing church today.

I'll try to go to church next week. Frankly, I think the pastor/priest at whatever religious institution I choose to attend next week will be thrilled to see someone help filling the pews the week after Easter, what with so many people only going to church on Christmas and today.

Anyway, Happy Easter. Remember what Jesus did, taking on the sins of all humanity, allowing you to act like a jerk for the rest of your life and still probably get into Heaven. But just in case there's a quota on forgivable sins, or just in case Christ gets tired of you taking advantage of Him, stop acting like a jackass, starting today.

I did go to church today, as I said. How's that for credibility in the blogosphere? I went, sang the hymns under my breath, took Holy Communion, chatted with people, etc. It was nice being back in church.

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  1. Kushibo:

    Hope you had a joyful Easter.

    You were asking on the Marmot's Hole about online Japanese dictionaries. I replied there, but it's going to get lost in the ongoing flamewar, so I'll post it here, too:

    If you're looking for an online Korean-Japanese/Japanese-Korean dictionary, try the Naver dictionary. You can enter search terms in either language. For English-Japanese/Japanese-English, try Sanseido.

    (Me, since I can only enter or read kanji—and then only with the Korean pronunciation, since I admit that I cannot read kana—I'd use a dictionary that used romaji, such as this one . It looks like it'd take a while to get used to the latter dictionary's interface, though....)


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