Friday, April 28, 2006


As mentioned before, it's always fun to peruse the data, to find out why I'm getting the 1000-per-week hits I am getting. Many of them are still coming from The Marmot's Hole, thanks to his Korea Blog Aggregator, but a lot more are coming in from both Korea-related and non-Korea-related search engine queries.

"Nude Koreans" is still a favorite search, but I'm also getting requests for
Japanese-language translations of my posts.

And then there is this little matter that happened this afternoon. While linking on a referral, I somehow ended up with a list The Marmot's data. This stuff is supposed to be password-protected, but apparently I was linked right to his information.

Now, I must tell you that it was tempting to check out who links to The Marmot and why, but just as my conservative Catholic/Protestant upbringing causes me to instinctively avert my eyes when a woman inadvertently flashes something she doesn't intend, I instantly tried to click away from the list when I realized I might be looking at something private. But I did manage to notice, out of the corner of my eye as the page was morphing into another, one of the engine search links that brought someone to The Marmot's Hole: "electric cattle prods."

"Electric cattle prods" plus "marmot's hole" and a hit is born. What that user is looking for or planning to do, I have no idea. What was it I said about the quality of my readers?

P.S. The Marmot, if you're reading this, rest assured I will remove this post if you think it inappropriate.

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